Mining and Industrial Plastic Fabrication

Plastic is commonly used in the mining industry because it’s a versatile material that’s still durable. The light weight and chemical resistance of plastic makes it perfect for mining operations and the strength of the material means there’re no worries about breaks or bends. We can manufacture anything for your mining operation, from small machine covers to larger mining chutes and trays. In the heart of industrial plastic fabrication, Custom Plastic Fabrication produces mining and industrial plastic fabrication, producing custom solutions that set industry standards.

Mining Plastics, The Advantages:

Corrosion Resistance

UV Tolerance

Long lasting

Abrasion resistance

Toughness and impact tolerance

Wide temperature tolerance

Chemical resistance

Light weight

Versatility in design capability

Marine Plastic Fabrication Applications

A harsh environment comes with the marine industry, which is why plastics are commonly utilised in its operations. The UV resistance and durability of plastic makes it the perfect material for a range of marine industry needs particularly on boats, tenders, and ships. We can design and manufacture a variety of products and boating accessories. These include custom made storage tanks and waste storage tanks, fabricated to any required size or shape. We can supply UV stabilised PE storage boxes, doors, and hatches with a bright white colouring and a textured finish.

If your boat is in need of a mini-renovation, we can have her looking new again. By replacing scratched windows and hatches with custom made windows from clear acrylic or polycarbonate, your boat will look that bit newer.

Marine Plastics, The Advantages:

UV resistance

Light weight

Ease of maintenance and cleaning

Corrosion resistance


Excellent clarity and impact strength for boat windows & hatches

Chemical resistance

Hard wearing

Acrylic Fabrication and Displays

Acrylic is a material of superior strength and optical grade clarity. Making it a perfect option for display cabinets and shelving. We can custom fabricate displays to suit your needs whether it’s a home project or a shopfitting — and it’s a cost effective option.

We can manufacture acrylic to suit a range of display needs ranging from brochure or menu displays to jewellery or antique cabinets. Sporting cases to store meaningful or significant memorabilia and wine cases for those extra special drops.

Acrylic comes in a range of colours and finishes and our fabrication team are able to do one-off test services so you can be sure it’s the perfect choice. Our Custom Plastic Fabrication team can create almost any design or product you can think of.

Acrylic Plastic, The Advantages:

Tough plastic

Weather resistant material

Half the weight of glass

Doesn't 'yellow' with age

Comes in colour or transparent

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