Our Services Include

The Custom Plastic Fabrication team can design and manufacture solutions for:

Fabrication for Mining and Industry

We can manufacture anything for your mining operation, from small machine covers to larger mining chutes and trays.

Marine Applications

Have your boat looking new again – we’ll replace scratched windows and hatches by custom-fabricating new panes.

Acrylic Displays & Covers

Manufacturing acrylic, we can design and create a range of display cases and acrylic coverings.

Tanks & Tank Liners

Our tanks range from 20 litres to 5000 litres. We’ll design and manufacture self supporting plating tanks to fit any space.


Family Run

Since 1999

Designing and manufacturing high quality plastic products since 1999. The Custom Plastic Fabrication team understand clients’ needs well and work to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standard.

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Advantages Of Plastics

High Chemical Resistance

High strength


Abrasion resistance

Toughness and impact tolerance

Wide temperature tolerance

Corrosion & Rust Resistance

Light Weight

Versatility to meet your individual needs

UV Tolerance

Long lasting

Versatility in design capability

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